Hey y’all!!

That’s right, I’m from the South. Grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. Spent my childhood studying dance & attended college in Virginia & got my Bachelors degree in Dance. Soon after graduating, I decided to study massage therapy & took my body knowledge into the service profession of the healing arts. Soon to follow was the study & marriage to the practice of yoga, which deepened the healing journey I was already on.

At a young age I was very aware of not wanting to repeat patterns of the adults around me. I started investigating how to do this by studying different religions, reading spiritual and personal growth books, & writing to expose my own inner world. I had plenty of friends, but I always felt different, because I was not seeking the typical things of people my age. But I didn’t care to so much…I wanted MORE.

Though, like anything, the depth of study, the journey, has ebbed & flowed with the ups & downs & challenges of life, I have continued to be driven to grow myself, to be of service, & to inspire others. I hope this blog creates even the smallest spark in your heart to do the same for yourself. To shine your light a little brighter & manifest your life into it’s full brilliance. Cheers!