MKE, Week 22: Energy in Motion

“Today I will be the master of my emotions.”

“The tides advance; the tides recede. Winter goes and summer comes…The sun rises; the sun sets. The moon is full; the moon is black…Seeds are sown; harvests are reaped…” 

I love how Og compares our emotions to the movements of nature. And it is so true. Within a second our countenance can shift, from an internal or external force…a memory passing through the mind, an ex-lover passing on the street. We must recognize though, that when he says we must be the “master” of our emotions, he does not imply control, rather, recognition that they are simply as moveable as the tides and seasons, and as a great teacher I once encountered suggested, just Energy in Motion. This, fortunately, means that we should not attach ourselves to their current state; a deep sadness will pass, just as readily as elation will fade, both gifts in their own right. 

MKL 22.2: If the state of our health is not all that could be desired, let us examine our method of thinking; let us remember that every thought produces an impression on the mind; every impression is a seed which will sink into the subconscious and form a  tendency; the tendency will begin to attract other similar thoughts and before we know it we shall have a crop which must be harvested. 

MKL 22.3: If these thoughts contain disease germs, the harvest will be sickness, decay, weakness, and failure; the question is, what are we thinking, what are we creating, what is the harvest to be? 

MKL 22.5: It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises this control over the body. We know that every mental action is a vibration, and we know that all form is simply a mode of motion, a rate of vibration. Therefore, any given vibration immediately modifies every atom in the body, every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of life cells. 

MKL 22.6: Everything in the Universe is what it is by virtue of its rate of vibration. Change the rate of vibration and you change the nature, quality and form. The vast panorama of nature, both visible and invisible, is being constantly changed by simply changing the rate of vibration, and as thought is a vibration we can also exercise this power. We can change the vibration and thus produce any condition which we desire to manifest in our bodies. 

And in a stroke of beautiful serendipity, Haanel’s lesson this week also emphasizes this same theme. The explanation is a bit more complex, but the root of the information stands: we have the ability to change our vibration, our mode of motion, our Energy in Motion…by the mastery of our thoughts. As one recognizes that our physical bodies are simply a more solid form of the vibration we create in our minds, we might also recognize that our thoughts in turn determine our state of health. Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions affect our health, therefore mastering our thought, and therefore emotions, gives us the power to determine our state of vitality. Vitality implies a state of exuberance, an expression of ultimate energy and life force. Is this not what we are all striving for? 

In Ayurveda, the oldest form of medicine from India, dating back at least 5000 years, there is also this recognition and striving for ultimate vitality and health, and in fact the entire science is built around that objective. Ironically, within this frame there is also the recognition that dis-ease is part of the ebb and flow of health. Just as the tides rise and fall, the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes, so does our vitality. Ayurveda is the science and art of techniques to brings those natural movements back into balance when our vibration shifts from its pure state. Ayurveda also wisely recognizes what Og and Haanel offer up in more modern times. 

“…(E)motions need to be processed and metabolized. To metabolize an emotion means to be aware of that emotion. Paying total attention to a feeling or emotion allows (it) to release. The anger, fear, or anxiety can then leave with awareness and maturity. Repressed, unmetabolized emotions can create stress in the organs. These emotions want to come out but, if we suppress them, they accumulate in the tissues and lead to disease. Ayurveda does not separate emotions from the organs. We cannot separate body from mind and mind from consciousness.”  –Vasant Lad, MASc, Textbook of Ayurveda Fundamental Principles, Vol. 1

What this illuminates further is that being a master of our emotions includes being with and “in” our emotions. This does not mean wallowing in depression or drifting away on a cloud of bliss; a true, steady presence with what you are feeling gives those feelings the time and space to be processed and therefore alchemized into wisdom. We watch them arrive, we feel them around and through us, and without attachment we release them into the Ether, dissolved and transformed. That is the true mastery, not control or suppression. And therefore, what brings us the most Vitality in both our bodies and minds.

Nothing in life is compartmentalized. Coincidence is not serendipitous, nor by chance; the Universe presents lessons from all angles, which we may recognize if we are paying attention. A 5000 year old science intersects with a turn-of-the-century mastermind intersects with a best selling author from the 60s. Our emotions, thoughts, and physical health are completely interdependent. And by embracing our power of thought, we can consciously affect our entire, integrated state of health. It is all just Energy in Motion; watch it ebb and flow, and ride the waves with presence and mastery. 



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