MKE, Week 17: Drifting

On our webcast this past week Mark talked about “drifting”…from the practices, from the class, from the community mastermind. It kind of hit home because I’ve definitely felt that vibe creeping up on me the past couple weeks. Though some practices have waned, I’m still pretty steady with the reads and sits, and even the flash cards. 

What’s really cool, is that I realize that the reason I’m not putting as much into the details of the course is because I’m putting it into the actualization of my DMP, one step at a time. My massage clientele has grown very quickly, helping me move toward having my own practice this spring, one of my goals. I’ve been more consistent in my network marketing side hustle than previously. Today I started a year long Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach training that will help me expand my healing practice into the coaching arena, which has been an unrealized goal for many years. It will also help deepen my spiritual yoga practice, as well as my self care, which is needed, and part of my overall goal of just feeling better in my own skin. Overall, I feel the wheels in motion toward my goals. Even if the class was over today, I would feel complete, because I have identified my goals and DECIDED that they are nonnegotiable. 

Again, that word DECISION comes up…and I realize that although I have not always followed through with small daily tasks all the time (although MKE has improved that habit greatly!), any time I have DECIDED to meet a goal, to make a change, I have accomplished it. Realizing this was a great feeling and reminded me of my self reliance and commitment, and deserved a small celebration. 

And same with the DECISION to commit to the MKE…despite a little drifting, I drift back in, staying up late to read Og or write gratitudes, happy moments of the day, and accomplishments to add to my flash cards. Seeing my DMP manifest gives me another little push back into the MKE because…

I am nature’s greatest miracle…I will persist until I succeed…I will greet each day with love in my heart…today I start a new life!! 



11 thoughts on “MKE, Week 17: Drifting

  1. Drifting and decision. Brings to mind what I learned at a conference last Saturday about the 6 DE’s – a never ending circle.
    Desire – De = equal to and sire = create.
    Decide – cide = to cut
    Declare – clare = explain/make clear
    Devote – vote = to vote or vow (promise)
    Develop – velop = envelop (like MKMMA), wrap around, grow
    Deliver – liver = liberate, to set free
    Also mentioned was Question = quest
    Essentially to be a master communicator of what you want, you have to know what you want, what you cut, what you declare each day, and who you declare to.
    Pretty powerful, and definitely in line with what we have been learning in MKMMA.
    You are such a great communicator and I hope some of these prove to be of benefit to you. I know they are to me.

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    1. Whoa there Jack, this is some good ideas to share, thank you for taking the time, I can take much from you input.

      Let me share they remind me of the 4 daily affirmations before my morning meditation surrounding and focusing on 4 big DE’s: Desire, Definition, Dedication & Detachment.


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  2. Hey Arien, I know what you mean and have felt it too. Like you, I’ve seen parts of my DMP coming to fruition faster than I thought, confirming the efforts behind them and also the drifting away at some points.

    Your focus and dedication to drift back into the journey are gasoline for mine, thank you very much for this week’s entry!


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