MKE, Week 14, #2: Persistence

Ironic that we would be practicing a mental diet of little to no TV, but then have an assignment to watch a movie. I know this seems like a fun task for most, but for me it took a fair level of persistence to even make it happen. 

First, I don’t have a TV.

My brother lives five minutes away, and neither does he. 

Luckily my roommate does…in her bedroom. So she turned it on for me and showed me how to use it…(yeah, that’s how much I use a television)…and then left for the night. Well, turns out Netflix doesn’t have all the movies one would think. Nor does Redbox. We don’t have a DVD player anyway…and no disc drive in my computer…but I was gonna try busting out my old computer and seeing if it could still hang, for 90 minutes or so. 

One dead end after another. I was starting to lose my PMA (positive mental attitude) about this task. But since I’ve developed the habit of persistence, and had already DECIDED that I was going to complete the requirement, I had to overcome the obstacles to make it happen. 

Finally I tried YouTube. Wouldn’t recommend it, for something like this. The free version of this movie was washed out in the center, like a bright light was shining on the screen, there were foreign subtitles, maybe an African language reminiscent of French, and the voices of the characters were significantly deeper and huskier than they should’ve been. This was Cool Runnings, one of my favorite movies as a kid, but seemed more like the Exorcist in Jamaica. I crossed my fingers and hoped I wasn’t getting subliminally messaged for anything weird and watched on. I had to finish this exercise…ironically, on PERSISTENCE. 

There are four elements which make up the habit of PERSISTENCE: a Definite Major Purpose (DMP); a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA); a Plan of Action (POA); and a Master Mind Alliance (MMA). 

Cool Runnings is a fun and entertaining movie that demonstrates how each of these elements is integral in the establishment of persistence, which is necessary for reaching one’s goals. The main character Derice, a runner, misses his chance at the Olympics when another athlete accidentally trips him and another runner. One thing leads to another and he DECIDES his only other chance at the Olympics is as a bobsledder. To anyone, this could seem an impossible feat, but PERSISTENCE makes it possible.

His vision, his DMP, is nonnegotiable; he doesn’t take No for an answer as he begins to build his team (MMA). His positive attitude (PMA) is contagious and he wins over the people he needs to make it happen, starting with a retired coach and gold metal bobsledder, Irv. The team consists of Derice, his best friend Sanka, and the two other athletes that were deprived of their chance at the Olympics. One really cool element is how they become friends as the story progresses and work to lift each other up to realize their own personal DMPs within the overall goals of the team. It takes many deliberate and specific steps (POA) to reach their goal of even qualifying to compete. And it takes a mastermind (MMA), a group of people working in harmony, to obtain all the necessary elements, bobsled, uniforms, etc. Many times others try to strike them down, saying it is impossible, but they refuse to be defeated; the combination of their vision (DMP), attitude (PMA), and the support of friends, family, and even enemy converts (MMA) makes them unstoppable.

One thing I think is important to recognize about both the story of Cool Runnings and my commitment to the task of watching it, is the DECISION. Once something is DECIDED it must be done. As in any hero’s journey, obstacles are inevitable, but with the elements of PERSISTENCE in place and a strong decision to achieve, it will manifest. 


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